Baby Clothing and Baby Baths

Dressing and bathing your baby is an activity you will need to perform daily, and in the case with dressing, usually several times a day.

Find out more about the best kinds of baby clothing for dressing a newborn and about how to buy clothing for your baby.  Which clothing sizes should you purchase to begin with and how much clothing will you really need in each size?

More Clothing Than I Could’ve Imagined

When I was pregnant and first preparing to purchase clothing for my daughter, I read that I may need to change my baby’s clothing up to 5 times per day.  I remember thinking, “that’s crazy.”  But, I decided to be safe rather than sorry and went about purchasing enough clothing to accommodate that prediction.  So, if I needed 5 outfits per day and let’s say I needed at least 3 days worth of clothing (depending on how diligent I would be about doing laundry) I would need 15 outfits.  However, my daughter was a winter baby so I would need even more clothing than because I would have to dress her in layers.  So I proceeded to shop.  When I came home with my shopping bags my husband thought I was insane.  He couldn’t believe we would ever need so much infant clothing.

Then my daughter was born.  And there were several days when she went through more than five changes of clothing.  I would feed her, she would spit up all over herself, I would change her again, and then, just I as fastened the last snap of her new outfit, she would spit up again.  And then I would change her again.  Then a few hours later I would change her diaper and just before I put the new diaper under her she would pee.  And the pee went everywhere—up her back, down her legs, and of course all over her clothes.  So I would change her again.  And then, just as I finished the closing the last snap she would again spit up.  And I would start the process of changing her again.  And this all be before 9 am.

So, yes, you will need some clothing for your baby. However, as your baby gets older you won’t have to change him as often, so there is no need to stock up on baby clothing for six months and up.

Check out our articles on the best types of baby clothing, understanding baby clothing sizes, and advice for buying baby clothes.

Bathing Your Baby

The first time you bath your baby will probably be the scariest experience as a new parent.  You think, “Please don’t let me drop his wet and slippery body. Please don’t let his head slide under the water, and please don’t let me get soap in his eyes,” etc… Many new parents will ask an experienced friend or a grandparent to help with this first time bathing experience.  But, don’t worry, after a few times you will be a pro and you will have no problem bathing your baby on your own.

There are many things you will need when bathing your baby.  A baby bath tub, a baby bath insert to help support your baby while in the tub, baby shampoo and baby soap, are a few things you may need to start out.  For after the bath you may want to consider purchasing a hooded towel and you will definitely want some baby oil or baby lotion to help protect baby’s delicate skin from drying out.  Check out our articles on bath products to find out which items are best for your baby.


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