Types And Styles Of Baby Clothing

If you understand how baby clothing sizes work and have figured out which seasons will occur at which ages with your baby, then you are all set to head out to the stores or go online and start buying baby clothes.  However, which styles of clothing will you need to dress your baby and do you understand the differences between the different types of baby clothing available on the market today?

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Baby Clothing Pieces

Understand some of the more exotic baby clothing jargon so that you will know what kind of baby clothing you are purchasing:


Onsies are the most popular form or baby clothing.  Onsies are one piece baby clothing items that are made up of a long shirt (long or short sleeved) that then snaps together from front to back under the baby’s diaper.  Parents love dressing baby in onsies because they are easy to put on and take off baby; they make diaper changes very easy since you do not have to undress baby to change a diaper (just unsnap the bottom part of the onsie under the diaper to access the diaper); and because when baby wears a onsie you don’t have to worry about baby’s shirt riding up exposing his stomach, back and chest to the elements.

Sleep n’ Plays, Sleepers and Footsies:

Sleep n’ plays, sleepers or footsies are one piece outfits that button, snap or zip down the front and have sleeves, pants and often feet all attached to one piece of clothing.  Sleep n’ Plays or sleepers make great nighttime PJs for baby and are also great daytime outfits for young babies.  Parents love using sleep n’ plays on baby because how easy they are to put on and take off baby—even for the inexperienced parent–since you do not need to put this item of baby clothing over baby’s head during dressing and undressing.

One Pieces:

Some stores will call all sleep n’ plays, sleepers, footsies and baby gowns one pieces but really one piece baby clothing, although almost the same as a sleep n’ play/sleeper/footie, is a one piece outfit that comes without feet.  However, many brands of one pieces do come with special booties or foot pieces that match the one piece outfit.  One pieces are great summer time alternatives to sleepers.

Baby Gowns:

Baby gowns are one piece items of baby clothing that are open at the bottom like a dress.  They usually have elastic sewn into the bottom of the gown which then will keep baby’s legs and feet from coming out and therefore provide the same warmth for baby as a sleep n’ play/sleeper/footie.  Many new parents love dressing their new baby in baby gowns (boys and girls—this is a gender neutral item of baby clothing) because it allows for easy and simple access to baby’s diaper without having to undo any snaps, buttons or zippers.

Baby Outfits or Clothing Sets:

Baby outfits or clothing sets are items of baby clothing that you can purchase together that all coordinates with each other.  Sometimes a set contains only two items of clothing such as pants and a onsie or pants and a shirt and sometimes a set can contain three or four pieces of clothing such as pants, a short sleeve onsie, a long sleeve onsie and a jacket.  Baby clothing outfits and baby clothing sets can also come with matching bibs or booties that will help to complete the outfit.



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